31 May 2019
Summer Term 2019 - Week 5 Sports Report

Summer Term 2019 - Week 5 Sports Report

Monday 20th May: Tennis: Year 9 Cup Match v Bournemouth School for Girls'

Shell girls, Georgie Boon, Nia Edwards, Mia Ashby Rudd and Mia White represented Canford in the LTA's Year 9/10 Schools Competition on Monday against Bournemouth School for Girls'. The competition includes four single games and two doubles. After all the singles and hard fought matches the teams were tied, three matches each. The rules state that to determine a winner they must play 'shoot out', which involves a ten point tie breaker with a combination doubles pair from a player from the 1st pair and a player from the 2nd pair. Sadly BSG clinched the win but the Canford team can feel proud of their performance and the determination they showed to compete. (NXW)

On Tuesday 21st May the senior boys played their return golf match against Milton Abbey and the handicap format saw the boys come out on top 4-3.

Thursday 23rd May: Cricket v Winchester

On a beautiful summer’s day with Mountjoy looking resplendent in the sunshine the 1st XI played their third game of the term against Winchester (their twelfth game!) The afternoon belonged to Tom Prest - most economical in his allotted 6 overs and a magnificent 105 no with the bat.

Winchester won the toss and elected to bat. With a Canford side short of players due to injuries, exams, etc., the newcomers to the team really stepped up and tried their best. Winchester got off to a good start hitting over 50 off the first 10 overs, 9 of their 13 fours in that time but the, as often the way, a bad delivery fortuitously got us a wicket and a smart bit of fielding from that man Prest got the run out which set us on our way. The spinners, Max Anand (2 for 35), Tom Prest (0 for15), Billy Pocock (1for 26) bowled well through the middle overs and at the death Harry Moores bowled well also (2 for 36). This was backed up by a very good fielding display especially from Moores and Tom Sykes, the boundary runners! We usually ask for two run outs a game and this was achieved. So Winchester ended their 30 overs 159 for 7.

Opening with Tom Prest and Freddie Pryce we got off to a bit of a flyer taking14 from the first over, with both openers hitting fours which seemed to settle them. The score was on 51 before we lost our first wicket, Freddie for 9. Presty was then joined by Matt Daubeney and together they put on 53 until Matt chased a wide one and was caught at the wicket for 20. Freddie Peters was next in and with more sensible batting and positive running between the wickets Freddie ending up 19no off 21 balls. However, as alluded to earlier, it was Presty’s day. Canford needed 10 from the last over and a well-run 2 off the first ball kept Tom on strike. The second ball disappeared over mid-wicket for six giving him his hundred and then a 4 off the third ball saw Canford home, winning by 8 wickets. (JS)

Another stride forward for the U15As saw a comfortable victory after winning the toss and batting. Really positive and skilful stroke play saw David Offer (43), Joel Bibby (73) and Jude Organ (82) score at more than 10 an over and at 207 – 2, from 20 overs, it looked as though 300 was gettable! Alas, the final ‘slog’ did not go our way and Canford ended up 264 all out in the last over. Fine bowling accuracy, hungry fielding with a super run-out by James Ashurst and a great vibe / tempo to our overall approach saw Winchester rolled out for 84 in 27 overs. A fine stumping by Jack Pocock standing up brilliantly to our first change bowlers was a deserved layer of icing on his cake. Pick of the bowlers, Harrison Hill. Well played men. (OTP) Canford 264 all out (30 overs) Winchester 86 all out (28.2 overs)

A lovely sunny afternoon, and a well-prepared pitch greeted the U15Bs. Tom Peacock decided to field and gave his namesake, George, the new ball. First ball a bit of a peach; on a length, in the corridor of uncertainty and it moves away a smidge off the seam. The opener goes fishing and Timberlake takes a regulation catch behind the sticks. 0 for 1 off the first ball! This was going to be easy. At least that was the theory. ‘Shorter but Older’ George (Vessey) opened at the other end and bowled with venom, but a little too much variation of length: sometimes right on the button, causing real problems for the batters, but sometimes far too short on a pitch with too little bounce for that tactic. So the Winchester batsmen were able to get back into the game and on ten overs were scoring steadily at five an over. Meanwhile, Canford had introduced the Ladies, and Mesdemoiselles Bella Hunter and Charlotte Brook were just as parsimonious as their male counterparts (once Hunter had rid herself of her ‘rusty shoulder’). Then, with both batters settled and the acceleration seeming imminent, some serendipitous moments came our way: first Bella bowled a good length ball with the added bonus that it was arrow-like straight. Plum LBW (and it was given by their umpire, not ‘Trigger’ Toy). Then two moments of madness coughed up two run outs. 54 for 1 became 62 for 4. Cap’n Peacock then introduces Miss Darci Reeve into the attack and takes the ball for himself at the other end. His first over was a triple-wicket maiden; flash so and so! 73 for 7 at the end of the 13th over. The next 10 overs were somewhat glacial, as the bowlers tightened their stranglehold. By the 23rd over (when another wicket finally fell) it was 109 for 8. Then a final flurry from two tail enders, who swung the bat and connected with annoying regularity; the innings ended on 131 for 8.

With a small boundary and a fast outfield, it all looked very do-able.

Henry Barham and Will Timberlake opened, with the latter despatching the first ball he faced to the square leg boundary with brutality. But Winchester had a cunning plan: they opened their bowling with a Russian Ringer (Comrade Zinoviev) and a slow right-arm-round spinner who, when his lack of pace was coupled with a distinct lack of inches, managed to make the ball travel through with virtually no bounce at all. With Timbers falling caught behind off this spinner, swinging across the line of the first ball that actually had a parabolic trajectory, and Henry succumbing to some Slavic swing, Hamish Ryan was joined by Man-of-the-Moment Tom P. Unfortunately, this also signalled the onset of our own version of the Ice Age. 13 for 2 in the fifth over became 56 for 2 in the twelfth. With Hamish’s steadying influence ended, bowled by a bit of a ‘jaffa’, we now had a brace of Peacocks at the crease, and the fireworks began. Five rapid fire overs saw us add an extra forty-two runs, with Tom reaching his fifty. But then disaster struck just as we reached three figures; the skipper played across a straight one, and two overs later, we had our own mid-wicket mis-communication, and George V was back in the hutch for fewer runs that he would have hoped. We were a mere twenty from victory, but the batters were running out. Winchester had by now revealed Part II of their Master Plan; to hold back what were clearly their two opening bowlers for the closing overs. Georgy P decided that the aerial route was the best way to go, with one monster ‘6’ to ‘Cow Corner’; but he went for one big swing too many, and promptly heard the ‘death rattle’ behind him. The Ladies did their best, but with fierce, pacey and (tellingly) straight bowling raining down, our innings closed just a dozen runs short. Rats, Rats and Double Rats. (Is that a Guinea Pig?)

The game was played in outstanding spirit and Winchester kindly lent us two fielders for the duration of our time in the field. One of them even had the good grace (and bravery - I fear for his safety in his boarding house last night) to catch one of his own team mates – their top scorer to boot – off Tom’s bowling. The atmosphere was lively, competitive yet good natured throughout. Although I hope that Canfordians now appreciate the ‘gentle nature’ of their geriatric coach having seen the alternative of a more ‘focused’ individual keeping the Wykehamists on their toes. Let’s look forward to some more fixtures after half term. (JT)

The U14As played Winchester in a thrilling 25 over game, on Thursday. Having won the toss, Canford opted to bat, with both openers looking comfortable at the crease and starting to build a partnership. But in the third over, Tom Williams went to hit it over cover but mistimed the shot and was caught. Oscar Berridge came in at No 3 and was bowled by a wicked delivery first ball. Robbie Hemmings came in, looking to steady the ship and started strongly. Sadly he was caught at mid-on, trying to punch over the top and mistiming his shot. The wickets of Jamie Elviss and Monty Hooker fell in fairly quick succession, but with both scoring some runs before leaving the crease. From here the lower order looked to slow the loss of wickets, but were undone by some excellent off-spin bowling, leaving Canford on 101 runs, all out.

The half time talk focused on what could be salvaged from the game, the type of cricket we as a team wanted to play and planning to make it as difficult as possible for Winchester to make our total. Wonderfully, this is what the U14s delivered, with some tight bowling, excellent fielding and a great team spirit. As a result, Winchester were bowled out for 83. A great game that was really close for a period and Canford unexpected winners. It was made possible by tenacity and focus in the field, summed up excellently by the man of the match, Oscar Berridge, who bowled extremely economically, at a difficult period in the game. (BIHC)

The U14Bs are a number of games into the season now and have been improving with every match, although this mid-week fixture against Winchester was always going to be a large test. Canford won the toss and chose to bat, which was a change in tactics from previous matches, however it was certainly a day to bat first. Unfortunately, one of Winchester’s opening bowlers was extremely accurate and had exceptional control of the ball taking 4 wickets early on in his 4 over spell. This really put Canford on the back foot before Ethan Bikhazi-Green came to the crease and once more began to ‘steady the ship’ as captain. He worked hard for 11 runs only to be bowled by a low full toss. Following this, Alex Klosterfelde, Brown and Merlin Cork all contributed with a flurry of runs but ultimately none of the Canford batsmen could spend long enough at the crease to build an innings. In the end, Canford were bowled out for 58 runs from just 17 overs, which gave their bowling attack and fielding a near impossible challenge to overcome.

However, bowling and fielding are definitely strong points of the squad so hope was not lost! Ben Fowle and Alex Klosterfelde, the seamers, opened up the bowling and bowled four very economical overs each. Fowle picked up a wicket amongst the accurate bowling and Klosterfelde only went for 23 runs. Following this, Jack Martin and Elliot Eyre, the spinners, came on and were equally as accurate with their bowling. Special mention in the field has to go to Jocelyn Child who took an agile catch and his fierce arm also ran out one of their batsmen in spectacular fashion. Ultimately, Canford simply didn’t have enough runs on the board and lost by 8 wickets. (RJC)

Tennis: 1st & 2nd VI v Milton Abbey

Thursday afternoon saw the 1st and 2nd girls’ teams compete against Milton Abbey. The 1sts enjoyed a day of competitive match play with a tough encounter for each pair when playing against Milton Abbey’s first pair who caused particular problems for our girls on the court. After the first 8 sets, both teams were tied and it came down to the final match. Jess Rees and Sophie Saunders were able to handle the pressure of the moment and lead the team to victory of 5-4, despite engaging in some competitive rallies and game play. The 2nds proved too much for the opposition and cruised to a 9-0 victory - a true testament to the hard work they put in this season.

The U15’s LTA Cup match v Sherborne saw a great afternoon of tennis with some wonderful hitting displayed by all players and some really memorable rallies. In round 1 Flora Lingafelter Claimed a 6-0 win showing go d consistency, taking chances to get to the net, forcing errors from her opponent. Her serving was strong and her forehand, in particular, was strong and deep which kept her opponent on the defensive. Rosie Ireland played some excellent rallies against an experienced player, working hard to keep her opponent off guard and was excellent at moving her around the court. Ground strokes were consistent from Rosie and when she came to the net she finished the points off well, leading to a 6-1 victory. Molly Taylor and Becky Morris played the doubles format and a 0-6 loss did not reflect the match at all! Having not played as a pair together before, Molly and Becky weren’t quite as confident as the Sherborne pair and opportunities that would normally be put away at the net didn’t work out in their favour. Still, there were some excellent rallies and very good serving displayed which led to many games going to deuce!

Molly played singles in round 2 and in a tight match went down 4-6. Molly displayed some great serving; hard and accurate, and was good at coming forward to the net on short balls. Many of her shots saw intelligent placement and there were some very lengthy rallies, which made it an excellent spectator match! Becky’s singles encounter was an exciting match as she hit consistent ground strokes and was very good coming forward - playing decisivelyat the net. It was great to see her offensive approach to the game and her ability to out-think her opponent on the court. Her forehand was fabulous and got bigger and harder throughout the match but it was her ability to remain accurate and force errors by her opponent which led to the 6-2 victory.

Flora Lingafelter & Rosie Ireland paired up in the doubles and won 6-0. This was a masterpiece of doubles tactics with both girls playing consistent rallies cross court to set up their points and decisive net play, hammering the ball down behind the net player. There were some fantastic, lengthy rallies, but Flora and Rosie’s precision gave them a clear advantage as did their ability to play lovely passing shots when their opponents left their team lines unprotected! All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon’s tennis! (CEI)

Four U14A players had an enjoyable away fixture against QE. The format was different from normal fixtures, which allowed players the opportunity to play singles as well as doubles. Lara Ela Ulkeroglu, Mia Ashby Rudd, Charlie Howell and Sophia Russell put in a strong performance. The 1st and 2nd players had a competitive games but overall Canford took the win. We are hoping for a home fixture after half term as all players and staff had a great afternoon. (NXW)

Boys Tennis v Bryanston

This was always going to be a tough fixture away at Bryanston for the 3rd VI, but the all the boys put in a fantastic team effort, with much improved serving, volleys and court positioning giving them a vital edge and taking the overall match 6-3. Pair of the day goes to Matt Shuttleworth and Archie Hunter winning all their matches convincingly, looking strong at the net and finishing points off well. There was a 2-1 victory for Will Bloxham and Ollie White and despite going down 2-1 Ollie Leat and Tom Edsall took their deciding game to a tie-break. (JRAR)

Perhaps the lack of a proper warm-up was to blame for the U15As slow start, with a lot of unforced errors from our boys in their first sets, or perhaps it was the new pairings that caused the lethargic start.

Our first pair of Alfonso Benavides-Fortuny and Alex Daubeney recovered from a slow start, coming back from 3-5 down to win 7-5. Despite playing a poor set to lose 4-6 vs their second pair, they produced some of the best tennis I have seen this year to win the final set vs their top pair 7-6, 12-10 in the tiebreak. They showed real composure to save match points and to take the opportunities for themselves. Our second pair of Welly Johnson and Tommy Davies also got off to a slow start, losing the first set 4-6 and going down 3-5 in their next. However, they also showed real mental strength to recover and win four games in a row to win 7-5. They almost staged a similar comeback in the last set, but fell just short losing 4-6.

Finn Rogers and Sam Thomson had gotten off to a fantastic start, going 2-0 up against their second pair. But a combination of bad luck and at times, lack of composure, let them down as they lost 2-6. Then before the final set, they made a fatal mistake of “warming up too much” and getting themselves fatigued before their last set!

The B’s put in a great shift today also. Playing for the first time together, Freddie Young and Tom Amy were unfortunate to lose the first match 4-6. However, they went from strength to strength to win their next two matches comfortably 6-1 and 6-2. The only thing lacking was communication! They claim they were too focused and in the “zone”, but I would like to see more encouragement from each other. Rory Smith and Billy Noel impressed today, playing with a positive attitude and making some great shots. After winning their first two sets 6-4 and 6-4, they fell short against Bryanston’s best pair 2-6, but even that match was very entertaining to watch with some great serves and shots. Our second pair of Nat Davey and Raffi Mills did not quite perform to their best today, but understandably so as Nat had suffered an eye injury two days back, and Raffi had a shoulder problem. They were under pressure in the last match again, as it was a repeat of last week. 4-4 overall, with the winner of the last match to take all, and unfortunately pressure got to us again, as Nat and Raffi just lost out 4-6. I cannot fault their effort though as they really did give everything.

The thing to work on for all the boys this week is a strange one – making calls and sportsmanship. There were times where some of our boys were a little unhappy with the calls that were being made. Always make your calls loud and clear for the opponents, and if there is a disagreement, have a chat with them which is different to arguing. Best way in general is to play a let! (OSL)

Athletics match v Bryanston, Godolphin, Milton Abbey, Poole GS, Parkstone GS (h)

Having experienced a torrential downpour at the end of our last home match the sun and warm breeze were very welcoming for our next home match. It was a great credit to see so many of our 5th and 6th form pupils out competing in this match, showing great team spirit and producing some fine performances too. The relay teams finished the match off in style with new school record for the 4 x 100m IB team of Tom Matthews, Seb Gallego, Adam Kwan and Joba Agbedejobi following on from a new Junior girls’ 4 x 100m relay record for Esther Browning, Mia White, Georgie Boon and Lauren Corn.

I mentioned the swimming achievements of one of our shell pupils, Robbie Hemmings, a couple of weeks ago and it was the turn of Conor Cherrington, our other outstanding swimmer, to notch up a new batch of PB’s in his recent Regional competitions. Not only were multiple medals won but Conor is now ranked 4th nationally in both the long course 100m and 200m Breaststroke for 13 year olds and we wish him and Robbie the very best of luck when they compete at the national championships in July.

For all this term’s sports reports and future fixtures please head to www.canfordsports.com

Sporting quote of the week:

“Coaches shouldn’t have to push you to work hard, you should push yourself to work hard because you want to be a great player,”

Mark Burley

Director of Sport

Twitter: @CanfordSport

31st May 2019