20 Mar 2020
Easter Term 2020 - Sports Report, Week 9

Easter Term 2020 - Week 9 Sports Report

Saturday 14th March

Rowing at Exeter Head


On Saturday 14th March the Canford Girls’ Rowing Squad went to the Exeter Head of the River race - a time trial over 3500m. In the first division of the day the Canford girls were entered in two 8+s consisting of a Junior Fourth and Fifth Form 8+, and a Senior Fifth, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth Form 8+.

Competition was tough with a field of Exeter University's 1st, 2nd and 3rd 8+s all entered. For the Junior Girls, this was their first race of the season and for some, their first ever rowing race! They battled hard, however had some steering issues and ended up in the bank for a period of time. However, they finished the race in a respectable time of 20.05 minutes - Well done Millie Heyman, Jessica West, Eliana Covell, Serena Chen, Annabel Seabrook, Phoebe Kibble, Alice Herbert, Hanna Neill and Imy Woodcock.

The Senior Girls had a storming row overtaking Exeter University’s 2nd 8+ and also beat their 3rd 8+ on their way to victory in the Women's Senior ‘C’ Class category in a time of 16.38 minutes. Coxed brilliantly by Ines de la Cruz, and rowed by Eve Hewett, Charlotte Wittram, Rachel Ko, Tessa Marley, Buzz Borneman, Ellen Campbell, Emilia Milner and Joanna Way.

The 2nd division of the day saw the Junior 8+ remain roughly with the same line up, in a bid to beat their time from the previous division. After having rowed the course once the girls made huge progress finishing the race in a time of 17.54 minutes - a massive 2 minutes 11 seconds quicker than their earlier race, and impressively beating Bournemouth University’s 2nd 8+ in the process.

Meanwhile, the Senior girls broke off into two coxed fours to tackle the second half of the day. Again, they were amongst tough competition with Exeter University fielding four boats, along with Bideford RC, Dart Totnes RC and a boat from Exeter RC all entered. The first of the girls’ boats coxed by India Herrington raced well the whole way down the track to a great time of 18.03 minutes beating the Exeter University 4th Boat and Exeter RC in the process - Great job Buzz Borneman, Joanna Way, Alice Herbert and Annabel Kersey. The second of the girls’ boats chased down this Exeter RC boat actually managing to overtake them on their way to a second victory of the day (this time in the Women's Novice 4+ category) in a time of 16.36 minutes, also beating Dart Totnes RC in the process (Ines de la Cruz (cox), Eve Hewett, Charlotte Wittram, Tessa Marley, Rachel Ko).

Overall, a very successful day for the whole of the Canford Girls’ Squad. Entering ‘Senior’ events for rowers aged 18+ whilst still being at school is a feat in itself and beating crews years older and even winning these categories shows the amazing potential the squad has. Hopefully, a good learning experience for all involved.


With so many Head races being cancelled this season due to bad weather it was an absolute pleasure to go to Exeter.

The boys’ 1st VIII raced in two divisions over the 3.5km course. Archie Gardiner, Tenzing Whitley, Nat Cranton, Tim Downing, Hamish Johnson, Sam Smith, Rory Jones, Sean Herrington and cox George Farthing underperformed, losing to Exeter University by a larger margin than was really necessary, but the boys in the 2nd division had better focus and with that in mind had a better race.

Our J15 Boys who with very little experience acquitted themselves very well finishing 18th (Joe South, Alex Cochrane, Finn Hatcher, Freddie Miller, Oli Stuart, Daniel Deng, Benjy Bishop, Charlie Hallam, Elliot Askew (cox))

Saturday 14th March

Netball v Millfield and National Schools Finals

1st team and U16s at National Netball finals at Stanborough School

1st team

Seven matches stood in the way of the Seniors reaching the semi-finals of the National Schools Competition. Hand sanitizer being regularly applied, the team had their toughest group match up first, Bromsgrove, who had already played two matches. The last time we played against Bromsgrove was in the semi-finals of the Independent Schools Cup at U15s. A closely fought match resulted in 7-8 loss. The pressure was on for the remaining six matches. Next up were Queen Ethelburga’s College,

another tight match but we were on the winning end 11-10. We knew that hitting national level all the matches would be close but Streatham and Clapham High School we managed a little breathing space for a 13-9 win. Going into our fourth match, Holy Cross School had just beaten Bromsgrove, pushing Canford into 3rd place. This match was crucial, not only did we have to beat them, but if we could stop them getting over half points then we could stop them getting a crucial point, allowing us to hopefully keep within the top two places, enabling us to proceed into the semis. This was an amazing game, strangely the sun began to shine, which meant the team were sure footed and goodness did they show grit and determination, not only did they win but won (16-8) but made sure that Holy Cross did not gain the point they needed. The next three matches against Felsted (13-6), Oakham (11-9) and St Edmund’s (12-9) resulted in Canford coming second in the group stages and proceeding on to play the winners of the other group, Hartpury College. We had played this team in the Regional finals and beat them in the group stages but lost in the final. The first half was exceptionally close but in the second half they pulled away resulting in Canford (7-13). The team knew that they had missed out on 1st/2nd place in the Country so went on to play 3rd/4th against Bromsgrove. Narrowly missing out to this team for a second time the team secured 4th position. A brilliant day of netball finished with Sports Dinners back at Canford, where India Still, Holly Hazzard, Charlotte Butt, Nia Burley and Martha Taylor received their FULL colours and Milenka Soskin the Coaches’ Player Award and Holly Hazzard Players’ Player Award. Well done to the co-captains, India and Holly, for their dedication throughout the season, I hope they are proud of their team!


Saturday 14th March saw the U16s compete in the All England Nationals Tournament against the best teams from around the country. After a slow beginning, the first match of the day was against Wrekin College, whom the girls drew with 9-9. An amazing start to the day, considering Wrekin had already played 2 matches. The second match against South Hunsley was a nice easy game, scoring the girls a win of 10-2. Third up was St Catherine’s, seeing a second win for the day of 11-9. After a short break, the 16s came up against their toughest opponent of the day, Blue Coat School. This match was probably the best game of the day as they pushed Blue Coat more and more, creating more turnovers and intercepts, visibly causing an upset in their opposition. Unfortunately, due to the way the centre passes were running, with 20 seconds left in the match Blue Coat scored the winning goal. Despite the girls losing 12-11 in this match, their defensive intensity was off the charts and they should know that, given one more minute, they could have without a doubt beaten Blue Coat. The following match against Newlands Girls School was a slight upset when we lost 7-12, having just lost our mojo. After a debrief and some sweets, the girls were ready to go again in their sixth match of the day against George Spencer. A straightforward win of 18-11 saw the girls get back into the swing of things and start playing their game again. Last match of the day against Broxbourne was a nail-biter! In order to go through to the semi-finals, the girls needed to win this match. An incredible finish to the day saw the girls win 12-10 against Broxbourne, seeing them through to the semi-finals and the top 4 schools in the country! Guildford High School were the opposition in the semi-finals, the team which eventually went on to win the U16s group. An amazing match between Canford and Guildford saw them fight it out until Guildford just forged ahead with 2 points, finishing at 11-9. With compliments from the Guildford Coach on such a tight and hard-fought match, the girls continued through to the 3rd v 4th play offs to play Blue Coat one last time. Unfortunately Blue Coat managed to run away with the match and win

19-10 in the final game of the day, however the girls didn’t stop fighting hard and competing with giant smiles on their faces.

Daisy Brown scored an amazing 76 goals throughout the day, each one with a big grin on her face.

Rosie Ireland’s shooting accuracy was absolutely insane, almost every shot hitting nothing but net. Mia White was the toughest cookie on court all day, fighting her way through match after match against some rough opponents. Flora Lingafelter read the ball fantastically, scoring some stellar intercepts mid-air. Georgie Boon was instrumental in feeding the ball into the goal circle, throwing some great passes which almost always ended in a goal. Bella Hunter had the highest intensity I’ve ever seen throughout the whole day, trying to intercept every and any pass coming her way. Molly Taylor had the most infectious positive attitude throughout the day, something that helped her keep her cool on court as she was battling it out against the opposing WA’s. Alicia Hudson, one half of the dynamic defensive duo with Lauren, was reading the ball so well, making intercept after intercept, causing turnover after turnover, and always providing backup to the attack. Lauren Corn, voted Players’ Player, was undeniably the rock in the defensive D, keeping her cool and forcing the opposing attack to quake in their boots.

I really could not be prouder of these girls. Their hard work to get to Nationals, their upbeat attitude, their achievement of being the 4th best U16 team in the country, and their overall team spirit was truly a sight to behold.

Canford vs Millfield


Lost 21-29


The 3rds saw an overwhelming win where we doubled their score each quarter. Our girls played with very well in a dynamic, controlled performance. They were solid all along and did not fade. We played with 8 players, changes of position were smooth, and it worked perfectly. All our players gave of their best against a younger but inferior team in terms of athleticism. Millfield had a couple of star players but their team did not gel or communicate as well as Canford. The 40-21 win was a great end to an excellent season. Well done everyone! (MM)


The girls played an outstanding game of netball against Millfield Under 15As. There were excellent interceptions from defence throughout the game, fantastic and fluid mid-court play and some near 100% accurate shooting which all contributed to the 43-18 win. Special mention goes to Honore Cutler for player’s player. A wonderful game to end the season on, well done girls! (RCL)


The last match of the season was a tough one. The girls knew that Millfield was going to be a difficult opponent and they gave it everything they had. Our defence was on fire and there were some excellent feeds into the circle but unfortunately we couldn’t convert every opportunity and lost by three goals. Joint players of the match were Dom Hudson and Isla Knatchbull, but I have been so proud of all the girls this season. They have shown determination and maturity and I look forward to seeing how far they can go. (CF)


In our final match against Millfield, from the off great discipline and skills were shown, especially by our shooters Millie and Chloe who saw us ending the first quarter 5-1. The first part of the second quarter saw Millfield draw it back to 5-4, but we finished the quarter on 11-4. The lead stretched, facilitated by excellent mid-court play, and interceptions from the defence and the final whistle gave us a 25-15 win. Special mention to Evie for her brilliant handling and turnovers and players of the match went to Charlotte and Millie. Excellent last game! (EJW)


This week saw the girls play against Millfield. I n the opening few minutes of the game we were calm and really moving well around the court. Towards the end of the first half though, the Millfield strength of moving the ball around very quickly became clear and we were struggling to keep up with the pace. For the rest of the match this was the case. We couldn’t match their speed down the court and their ability to shoot anywhere around the D. However, as usual we kept going, didn’t give up and managed to

only lose by one goal in the final quarter. Overall the girls have been fantastic to coach, they have worked hard in training, matches and been such a pleasure to coach. I hope you all continue to love netball and play it for the rest of your Canford career.

Madeleine Spraigue – The legend in the defence. You think you have the ball and out of nowhere Maddie jumps in to action and takes its away from you.

Sophie De Veulle – Sonic! My eyes can hardly keep up with her! She moves around the court at speed and works incredibly hard to be an option to pass to.

Lara Edsall – Pocket rocket! Always smiling and working really hard in an attack position.

Lottie Cross Court – The OG of WD. Loves the Pink pen job, enjoys netball and has greatly improved at marking and interceptions.

Lara Crorie – The feisty shooter who works the hardest to get the ball back!

Alice Denby – Bounce pass extraordinaire. Zips around the court and great at giving the ball at the end of the pass.

Olivia Joll – Queen of interceptions. Very good at watching the play and awaiting her move.

Summer Hookey – Shooting secret weapon. Can shoot from anywhere in the D, even if the defence are 6ft tall. No problems.

Inés Jankovich-Besan – Dodge queen. If she wants to ball, she will move faster that you and get it.

Zara Holt – The calm shooter. No matter what the score, the situation, under pressure she is your girl.

Amelia Spicer – Spicy Goal Keeper. She may look chilled out, but she wants the ball more than you – ALWAYS.

Girls it has been a pleasure!



Lost 13-9

Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th March

Hockey at U14 Regionals and v Ballard, Queen Elizabeth, Wimborne and Wellington College

Tues 10/03

U14A West Finals

An early start for breakfast meant the U14As were ready to go for the West Finals. A tough test against BGS was first up, going two quick goals down meant we had work to do. A much improved performance came in the second half where Canford threatened through Eddie Jack, however we conceded right at the death to leave the final score at 0-3. Next up was Millfield who we had already beat on the weekend, they knew our strengths and sat with eleven men behind the ball which frustrated our attack and despite the best efforts of Luca Freeman, the final score stayed at 0-0. Finally, we played Exeter who we had again already beat, conceding a soft early goal made the challenge to get out of the group, much harder. The boys managed to attack with purpose; Ed Schuster-Bruce converted a well worked corner, before Max Williamson’s quick hands set up Eddie Jack to tap in and leave a frantic final few minutes. However the final score was 2-1 meaning Canford failed to qualify through the group on goal difference. The U14s should be immensely proud of themselves, they never gave up and despite knowing that we could easily have done better on another day, they should come away with their heads held high. Thanks for all the support from the parents once again. (CJK/PDAR).

Thurs 12/03

The 16Bs had a well-balanced fixture with many goal scoring opportunities for both sides. QE were first to strike, and after only 5 minutes, which did panic Canford a little. However, they soon settled and started to pass the ball more intelligently, with goals before half time coming from Fergus van der Flier and Nat Davey. Nat stretched the lead with his second goal just after half-time, but QE kept attacking and closed the gap with their second with 5 minutes to go. (TJS)

Sat 14/03

The 1st XI had to be patient in breaking down a stubborn, well organised and resilient Wellington College opposition. With the penalty corner count heavily in our favour, we still could not find a way past their keeper. However, the character in the group has been a strength throughout the season, and when Otto Thompson was felled in the D, the ball broke to captain Charlie Peplow, who fired the ball high into the net to trigger mass celebrations and break the deadlock with ten minutes remaining. We could have doubled our lead thereafter, but the game ended in a 1-0 victory to cap a very enjoyable and successful campaign. At the Sports’ Dinner, the Coach’s Player of the Year went to Will Whitmore, whilst Luke Hett was awarded Players’ Player of the Year. Charlie Peplow picked up his Captain’s award, whilst full colours were also awarded to the three aforementioned, as well as George Billson and Tom Sykes. (MDC)

The 2nd XI wanted a good end to the season and we definitely ticked that box! Early on it was apparent that the opposition were a potential threat and at 1-1 for most of the first half our resolve was tested. Fortunately, a well-engineered short corner routine seamlessly put us in the lead. Our hockey efficiency level rose sharply in the second half and we played some clinical and exciting hockey; culminating in a well-deserved 4-1 win. Michael Maiden, Archie Hunter, Olly White and Olly Hutton were on the scoresheet. Season awards went to Will Bloxam for the Players’ Most Improved, Rob Thomas for Players’ Player (plus Hutton close and awarded Captain's prize). The Coaches’ most improved to Jack Salmon and Coaches’ awards to Billy Pocock and Josh Bingham. (RJCG/RHJH)

The final 16A match of the season vs. Ballard saw the return of Raffi Mills and the introduction of Sam Jefferson from the U16Bs. Canford had the majority of the ball throughout the game, creating chance after chance, corner after corner, yet the final act of pushing the ball over the line continued to challenged us (and had done for most of the season…). Late into the second half however, Canford earnt themselves another penalty corner before a cross ball from Raffi Mills gave Archie Liddle a deflection into the side netting of the goal. It’s been great to see the Fifth Form build strong bonds as a team, take on some formidable opposition and have a win in their final game as a year group. I look forward to seeing the boys take their game further, with some eyeing up the 1st and 2nd XI next year. (JLG)

Another nice game for the 16Bs produced hockey of a high standard. Hamish Ryan made a couple of outstanding saves early on, and Fergus van der Flier scored Canford’s first after 15 minutes, against the run of play. Wellington equalised shortly before half-time, but Fergus struck again after a short corner, shortly after the break. Great defending in the last ten minutes from Jo Bland, Aman Iftikhar and captain Will Timberlake, and of course Hamish Ryan (player of the season!) (TJS)

As last week the 15As kept possession well and built some good attacking opportunities. This time, however, we managed to avoid the post and put the ball in the back of the net for a 4-3 victory over Wellington College. Two finely executed short corners that were deflected in by a wide runner showed the boys that concerted Friday practice does pay off! An entertaining end to a fun season. All we need now is for more boys to play hockey outside the Canford season at a local club. (NRB)

The U15Bs travelled to Wellington College for their final game of the season, with an unbeaten record on the line. The team started off slow and tentative, but after the first ten minutes worked their first goal and settled. Wellington looked dangerous, particularly on the brake and the team had to work hard in defence. The score at half time was 2-0. The second half opened up a little more with a further 3 goals and the team working hard to ensure no goals against. The final score was 5-0, with goals to Oscar Rees (2) Henry Martin and Merlin Cork (2). A special mention to Tristan Fulton who stepped up from the Cs for the first time and played well. Man of the match went to Nat Merrell. The team have had an outstanding season, winning all their matches and scoring 45 goals over 7 matches, with none scored against. It is seriously impressive that Ethan Bikhazi-Green has kept a clean sheet all season. Players player for the season goes to Jocelyn Child. (BIHC)

In what would turn out to the final game of their season, the 14As blew their opposition away with some slick hockey. Four goals for Ed Schuster Bruce and an Eddie Jack hat-trick, as well a goal from Dill Howell secured an 8-1 victory. This means an unbeaten season in block fixtures, which the boys should be very proud of. (CJK/PDAR)

The 14Bs saved their best performance of the season for their last game. Goals from Otto Klosterfelde, Thomas Sparkhall (2), Michael Campbell and Albert Blackburn. Final result 5-1. Terrific effort from the lads. (JRM/HDSH)

My sincere thanks to all of the staff for their hard work and commitment to the hockey programme throughout the term, as well as the parents for their support in all sorts of weather! The pupils have responded brilliantly, in another very successful season from all of our boys’ teams, which has resulted in an overall win ratio of 70% and high levels of participation.

Saturday 14th March

Lacrosse v Bournemouth University

The 2nd team put all the skills they have built up this term into play on Saturday when they beat Bournemouth University 3rds 9-6. The first quarter was slightly embarrassing as the Canford girls stormed into a 6-1 lead and it looked as if it would all be too easy. However once top-scorer Sana Iftikhar and midfield dynamo Cata Taylor were subbed, the team had a harder job and Bournemouth University started to get their act together. Player of the match had to be Nory Warner, usually a first team star, but given an hour's notice on Saturday she stepped into GK Lily Clark's shoes as she was ill. As Nory is usually the keeper's nemesis with her emphasis on power shots over finesse, it was heartening for her all to hear her say "That is the most terrifying thing I have ever done!" and she didn't do too badly at all. Captain Laura Driver was kept busy marking the opposition's key attack player who hence had a very frustrating game. Vice Captain Grace Pickup, usually a key defence, was delighted with her first match goal of the season, (ever?!!) Jessie Shuttleworth scored some useful goals towards the end of the match as Bournemouth University were relentlessly closing the gap while Amber Herrington was key in transition and Izzy Roche had her best game yet with some great turnovers. A great end to the season for the seconds, half of whom were completely new to the game at the beginning of term!

Saturday 14th March

Football v Corinthian Casuals

The 1st XI finished their season with a tough 5-1 loss to Corinthian Casuals

2nd XI

‘Rising to the highest common numerator’ would be how I’d describe the Acorns’ last and best performance of the season. Faced with ‘proper’ footballers, they played proper football both defensively and in attack. Josh Davies showed pace in his new role of centre forward and it was this that saw him brought down in the box for a long awaited penalty! Ollie Leat, who had a fantastic game throughout, tucked away the spot-kick and, thanks to a Robbie Lingafelter finger-tip save to an attempted lob, Canford led 1 – 0 at half-time. After the break and things got a little bit more physical but Archie van der Flier, Max Wyatt and Brad Spanjar stood strong with a ‘thou shall not pass’ type attitude! Another fine save from Robbie diving to his right saw Canford keep the lead and though several squandered chances meant that it was a nervy finish, Canford hung on to the first ever win against a Corinthian side – well done all. Canford 1 – 0 Corinthians.

Thursday 12th and Saturday 14th March

Cross Country at Clayesmore and the English Schools Championships

Canford were well represented at Clayesmore on Thursday with Charlie Bird setting the fastest individual lap and the Senior Boys finishing 3rd. The Intermediate Boys went one better by taking 2nd place and Serena Blake ran very well as an individual in the Senior Girls event.

Charlie Bird then went on to represent Canford and Dorset Schools in the English Schools Championships in Liverpool on Saturday. On a muddy course in Sefton Park, Charlie was the 1st

Dorset athlete home in the Senior Boys event and finished an impressive 98th in a field of over 300.

Saturday 14th March

Basketball v Gillingham

It’s not how you start – it’s how you finish. As ever, the Towers were behind immediately (four consecutive 3 pointers from the Giants’ Point Guard) but took the lead in the second quarter and went on to secure our fourth straight victory (40-32). Eight boys got their names on the scoresheet and top scorer was Michael Ma (17) with MVP shared - Cameron Powell (4 pts, 4 boards, 2 assists, 2 blocks and a steal) and James Barker (7 pts, 8 boards, 2 assists & a block). (SLCI)

Saturday 14th March

Squash v Sherborne

Final Result: Canford 2 - Sherborne 4

This was our final fixture of the year and the boys were keen to finish on a high, but it is always a tough fixture against Sherborne's top five. The boys held their own and put in impressive display, but they were just that bit too strong, taking the match 4-2.

Rich Hare put in a solid performance and has really impressed throughout the term, he continues to try and develop his racket skills and tactical awareness and this really paid off in this tight 3-1 win. Player of the day goes to Ed Raby, who has developed his match confidence considerably this year and is now a regular in the team and flying up the ranks, his movement, backhand and shot variation was too much for his opponent and it was a comfortable 3-1 victory.

It has been fantastic to work with such a keen group of players this year, the team dynamics, camaraderie and desire to listen and improve has really shone through and they have been a pleasure to coach.

Saturday 14th March

Golf v OCs

The Golf team had their only match of the term on Sunday against the OCs at Stoneham Golf Club. With a few players from each team unable to make the fixture, there were 3 4ball matches.

The Perin Brothers (the school’s answer to the Molinaris), struggled over the first 9 and were 3 holes down until Little G rose to the occasion and went net birdie, eagle, birdie on 15, 16, 17. It was all square on the 18th tee and all 4 players had pretty decent birdie putts to win and all 4 just missed the edge so the match was halved. (I know this match in great detail as I was playing for the OCs). Adam Reid and Charlotte Brook played very well to win their match, 2up on handicap, against 2 scratch OC golfers. These two players will have to get used to playing together as they’re likely to be our top pairing next year as both play off 5 handicap. The final match saw the Bursar and Robbie Lingafelter draw against the opponents. The Headmaster refused to tell me how well he had done in the exhibition match against the OC Governor. Overall everyone had a very enjoyable day, despite a 30min rain burst, and the Headmaster and the Bursar seemed to rather relish playing golf away from the office.

From Tony Diprose

Finally, this last sports round-up of the term provides me with an opportunity to thank all the pupils, staff and parents for their sporting efforts and who have all made my first term at Canford so enjoyable. Enjoy the Easter break, stay safe and try to keep fit and active as much as possible until we hopefully see each other again at the scheduled start of next term (TD)

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