15 Oct 2020
Christmas Term 2020 - Sports Report, Week 5

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Christmas Term 2020 - Week 5 Sports Report


The Shell Netballers have the option to take part in a 'fun' 5-a-side netball tournament this Saturday. All Shells, of all standards, are welcome to enter. Prizes will be awarded to the Star Player of the day, Sportswomen Award, and the winning team. We hope players who want to get involved (remember it's an 'A' weekend), email Miss Welbourne on mrw@canford.com, so she can pop you into a team.


This week the Fifth Form girls have been working hard in the gym to develop their core strength and build their technique on the rowing machines. Meanwhile on the river the Sixth Form girls have moved from single sculls into coxed quads. The novices have been training with some of our more experienced girls to help them improve further and this has led to the girls competing in the Saturday time trials. The coaches have been impressed with how well the girls have worked together as a squad, supporting each other on and off the water.

Meanwhile the boys’ sculling group has also worked hard in particular the Lower Sixth with impressive improvements from Tenzing Whitley (L6) and Joe Cox (U6)

Rower of the week - Joanna Way for her selfless approach to rowing as a member of a squad.


The Captains' teams went head to head last Saturday in an 8-a-side format due to coughs and colds leaving numbers rather depleted. The remaining players however are getting fitter every week as with two short of the usual number for a side, it means there is a lot of running on the full-length pitch.

The teams had to take turns to have goal-keeping legend Lily Clark on their side, with the unmanned goal being judged by the umpires' shot placement decisions. (WE NEED MORE LACROSSE GOAL KEEPERS!!)

Sydney Brown's team was leading by two goals at half-time but Georgie Litchfield's team crept back and broke Syd's "possession" strategy with a last-minute goal by Sana Iftikhar leaving the teams 6-6 at the final whistle. Players of the match on Saturday were Aggie Cox playing fast and aggressive lacrosse in the defence while Grace Pickup was also on a mission for her team - pivotal in turnovers and driving the ball through the midfield.

Team of the week nominations: Aggie Cox and Grace Pickup


The golfers played “3 clubs and a putter” competition, with the added handicap of no driver as well, over 9 holes on Saturday.

Adam Reid led the field at 5 over par which included a chip-in birdie on the 2nd.

Charlotte Brook was next on 8 over par.

Eve Hewett played well with a net 6 over par.

Thursday this week is House Golf which will be a 9 hole stroke play competition with the best 2 out of 3 scores counting. There will also be individual prizes as well.

Congratulations also go to Suzy Cribb (Shells) who last Saturday made the Semi-Finals of the Dorset County Golf Peter Aliss Matchplay Competition playing against much older and more experienced opposition.


Rugby continues to progress, with small sided and team shape games the order of the week.

The moment of the week came when Finlay Craigen spotted a chasm of space around the ruck and had the wherewithal to exploit the space with his turn of speed. Not only did he have the speed of foot to get into the gap but he had the speed of mind to maintain continuity by moving the ball to his support runners and continue the go forward, three principles of play in one delightful moment! To make this even better, he managed to pull off the same feat shortly after, catching the defence all at sea once more. Reminiscent of a young Cassius, a truly dangerous triple threat!


The Hockey Club had another week of good training, with the pupils staying positive and working hard in their respective sessions. It was the turn of the Seniors to play internally, with the 3s and 4s group playing a Tri-Nations event, whilst the 1s also played against the 2s in their first competitive outing of the term. The standard was high, and the pupils continue to develop their skills and match awareness appropriately.

In addition, six pupils have been nominated and subsequently invited to attend Open Trials for England Hockey, at U16 and U18 level. Alicia Hudson will attend the U18 Girls’ Trials, whilst in the U16 Girls’ Age Group, so will Georgie Boon and Honoré Cutler. Also, Tom Doyle (U18 Boys) together with Dill Howell and Ed Schuster-Bruce, will try out for the U16 Boys group. We wish all of these players the best of luck in their three training days taking place at Millfield during Half Term. They will be hoping to emulate the achievements of Molly Fairbairn and Will Whitmore, who are currently involved with the England U18 girls and boys, respectively.


Though the colours are changing, there is still some way to go in order for our footballers to bring their skill levels to fruition. That said, a late harvest is often a more flavourful one, so we’ll continue working to make this a particularly tasty vintage.

The work on team shape and quick transitions is a work in progress, as evidenced by the 1st vs 2nd match played on Saturday. The Oaks, resplendent in Canford blue, were huge favourites, while the lilywhite Acorns envisaged a David-like upset on the day. Battling like a regiment of wild orcs, with Nikita on a particularly pugilistic form, the Acorns easily upset the Oaks’ rhythm and their desire and passion enabled them to look the more potent force in the early exchanges. Indeed, they carved out the first few chances of the game and the Rory Smith led backline had the Oaks strike force in their pocket.

The Oaks more structured play eventually helped them take over, though, and Freddie Young’s eye for a quick, incisive pass ensured the Oaks were in the ascendancy by half time. Still, Acorn jubilations ensued as captain Will Priaulx scored a somewhat surprising equaliser. Alas, the joy was short-lived as the ever-lethal Freddie Peters scored his second before his namesake Young secured the win with a scorcher.

Star players: Sam Jefferson and Rory Smith (Acorns); Freddie Young and Josh Bingham (Oaks).

Manager of the day: Madame Saurel

Player of the week nominees: Sam (RB), Rory (CB), Freddie (CM) and Josh (wingback)


In tennis this week, the girls have been looking at net play - not only the volleying technical side but also learning to judge the ball and working out the best time to move forward. All the girls have worked hard and surprised themselves with how much they have enjoyed volleying. Moving forward and through the ball is key, if you let the ball come on to you, you begin to lose control. The Lower Sixth in particular this week have been brilliant at taking the ball and have been using these skills in all their matches.

Last weekend the Fifth Form had a good afternoon of tennis competition. Team Urep against the other team which is hybrid name of houses de Lanc-fort-bury. The first round of singles was the best yet, with silence across the courts whilst they all battled. Whether they had won or lost, they came off court with big smiles and just really enjoyed singles. On we went to the doubles, where Urep went on to win.

Player of the week – Izzy Vivian


The seniors 3 teams continued a round robin of matches dodging rain showers along the way. Over the 4 weeks games have ebbed and flowed with all matches closely contested. As the outfields have got longer boundary hitting has been harder to come by which has in affect improved fielding and placed more emphasis on running between the wickets.

The 4th form cricketers enjoyed a week of cricket, with a ‘Dangerman’ match trialled on Tuesday, followed by a quick cricket game and a 15 over match on UTs on Thursday. Jimmy Johnson’s 35 helped Sam’s Stormers to post 115, with Kit’s Krusaders falling short by 9 runs, helped by some tight bowling by Luca Freeman who picked up a few wickets along the way with some experimental off spin.

Shells Hardball

The Under 14’s bonus cricket time came to an end this weekend and a grand stand finish it was too! Saturn needed 9 from the last over to beat Jupiter as these two cricketing worlds collided! Tom Barret bowled a calm and tidy last over that saw Jupiter over the finish line.

Shells Softball

Over the few weeks we played cricket the overall standard of batting, bowling and fielding, particularly form those who had not played before, improved immeasurably. We had a finely balanced round robin tournament amongst the four teams, were there was no clear winner and all sides had their moments of glory and heartbreak!

Canford Sports Department – Team of the Week

See the photos / attachments for the new team of the week. Across all the sports and year groups the team members below were nominated by their Heads of Sport for standing out in terms of their attitude, commitment and performance. Can you make next week’s team?

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