03 Dec 2020
Christmas Term 2020 - Sports Report Week 10

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Christmas Term 2020 - Week 10 Sports Report


Last week saw the continued impressive efforts of our pupils as the Hockey Club maintained the high standards set so far this term.

On Thursday, round 2 of the Upper Sixth Boys and Girls game saw the girls dominate the early stages and lead until the final five minutes, before the boys fought back and scored a quick brace to snatch a narrow 2-1 win. Thereafter, the teams carried on in a mixed format, with another even but low scoring affair settled at the death with a flurry of late goals.

On Friday the U14A Girls played a match versus an U14 Boys’ side. It was tremendous to see the girls so eager to get out and play, and for them to prove how much they’ve developed in the last ten weeks. Whilst the boys got the early upper hand scoring two quick goals, the girls managed to pull themselves together and competed strongly until the end. At half time, with the score line reflecting the boys’ fortune and clinical finishing, the girls rallied together with the intention of rectifying first half mistakes. This was demonstrated through a much more competitive and confident second half by the girls, with neither team scoring. Layla Stannah came into her own with some superb saves with both feet and a glorious glove deflection. Molly Rodber played a delightfully simple but effective game; winning the ball, seeing the pass and moving it on. The dynamic duo, Portia Carell and Eliza Miller combined well in midfield and Grace Cecil-Wright, blessed with her electric pace, was superb on the right wing. For the boys, Sam Wilmot was excellent in the middle of the park, whilst Freddie Warrack scored a belter on the backhand.

Overall, it was great to see the girls’ energy and determination progress throughout the match, and they should be very proud of their efforts playing as a team for the first time. Whilst there is still plenty to build on, it’s positive to see the makings of a very decent side in the U14As.

On Saturday, there were more internal match festivities with players playing out of position in a seven goal thriller on Adby – centre back Abby Childerley scoring a screamer to secure a 4-3 victory for her team, after outrageous solo goals from Daena Shah and Georgie Boon for the opposition.


Rugby has been productive across all age groups this week. Once again the focus has been on improving the quality and consistency of our attacking play. Using a ‘3 zone’ game, varying numbers in defence across year groups as well as contact conditions, means we have been able to increase the level of challenge offered to the boys within the sessions and across the week.

The Shells who are relative newcomers to this format made a quantum leap forward in their appreciation of the importance of working off the ball to support space so that, following successful continuity, the ball can be played easily and quickly to space and defences were stretched to breaking point. Zander Brookes and Jasper Bowley caught the eye in early sessions this week and Zander and Joey Zhou continued to impress, giving excellent ‘go forward’ for their team on Saturday.

The Fourth Form have impressed over the course of the term and this week was no exception. This group has the advantage of possessing lots of players who can carry hard to draw in the opposition defence. The ‘pass before contact’ version of this week’s game, therefore, put them a little out of their comfort zone. It was great to see boys solving the problems and James Johnson linked up well with both Finn and Sam Janaway in midfield to play the ball away from defenders while staying nice and direct. Frederick Bowater continues to put his hand up to be noticed, his work rate is strong and consistent, he racked up points for his team defensively with a number of good ‘jackle’ attempts. In the Fifth Form another former Sandroyd pupil continues to lead by example. All teams need a big hammer up front and in Oli Fox-Pitt the Fifth Form have theirs. He’s as persistent as a junkyard dog and all the hard work in the tight/dark areas of the game allow team mates to enjoy moments of magic off the back of his graft.

When talking of moments of magic, the senior session was exemplary. The intensity, disciplined intent to play, risk taking and keeping the tempo high was something special to see. There were the odd moments where execution just failed to keep pace with the decision making but the game on Saturday in particular was high octane and high skill. In such sessions it’s difficult to single individuals out as all boys played their parts exceptionally well. Linking play and flooding through in support after linebreaks were a real highlight to see and Saturday was the highlight of a very strong effort from all year groups this week.


Fifth Form swimmer Robbie Hemmings has earned a call up to the Swim England National Junior Squad. The recently announced National Junior Squad for the 2020-21 season features 71 promising talents, 8 coaches and 6 sports science support staff. Athletes will attend online workshops and camps, with the first being hosted in December. Once the current COVID-19 restrictions ease the Squad will look to returning to competition. Robbie broke on to the National scene in 2018 competing in his first British Summer Championships. A year later in 2019, he returned to be crowned British Summer Champion in the 100m and 200m Back. Robbie’s selection for the Junior Squad comes in the 100m Back Stroke.

Huge congratulations to Robbie on his selection and we wish him well in the upcoming camps and hopefully events once competitions resume.


This week we continued with the Upper Sixth Mixed Netball Superleague, playing an incredible 10 matches across the space of five days. The last sports report brought you the updates of the opening matches, seeing four of our five teams face off and set the tone for the rest of the league.

Our fifth team - last but by no means least - made their debut on Thursday of last week. Polly’s Panther’s took on Cridder’s Crocs, which was a great initial display of the hard work they had put into training. The Panthers were almost unbreakable on court, ‘almost’ being the key word because the Crocs didn’t make it easy for them, matching them goal to goal in the first and third quarters and heading into the final quarter drawing 9-9. This was where the Panthers really pulled it together, some fantastic shooting from the Captain herself and consistent, accurate play from Will Whitmore throughout the court saw the Panthers take the game 14-11.

Monday (30/11) saw the ‘final’ between Milenka’s Mustangs and Polly’s Panthers, who both found themselves joint top of the table with 3 wins each. This would be the decider to see who would take the league. However, if you know these teams like I have come to over the last week, you can already guess that it was never going to be that easy. Polly’s Panthers stormed ahead and dominated the first half, keeping a 3 goal lead at all times. By the end of the third quarter they were still ahead by 10-8. An intriguing match to both watch and umpire because the quality of the play on the court suggested that both teams believed they were ten goals down. They both fought valiantly throughout, never letting the intensity slip and challenging each other right to the final whistle. Come the final quarter, Milenka’s Mustangs really showed what they were made of, and won the quarter by two goals, bringing the final score to 13-13. This meant that the league was now to be decided on Goal Average, which considers the goals scored by each team, as well as the goals conceded.

Overall another fantastic week for Canford Netball, stay tuned for the league results next week!


The first leg of the last tournament of term was played on Saturday among yet another new mix of the Sixth Form lacrosse players. The intensity of competition and high quality of play that these matches have produced over the term is a testament to the depth of ability we have among this group, meaning that all the different team combinations have resulted in very close matches. Less experienced players have risen to the challenge of playing regularly with first team standard players and have improved enormously while also gaining in confidence. Many of the more experienced players have in turn taken the opportunity to work on the weaker areas of their game such as playing ambidextrously and finessing their shooting skills. There is one goal separating the scores at the moment with the second leg to come this weekend. As usual, tireless in the midfield was Flora Peddie who is proving her versatility but being able to play equally well in defence and attack.

The Fifth Form progressed to a full game format this week which put their fitness to the test but whose smiling, rosy faces generally suggested they had enjoyed the experience. Freya Coughlan was spurred into action and Mimi Taylor showed that speed certainly runs in the family. Mimi Stanley scored the goal of the week with a bullet shot finding the top corner as she let fly under pressure.


Saturday saw the final time trial of the year. The Sixth Form were on the water first and Jackson Kennett and Tim Downing started quickly. With the fastest time of the day on the first run, they set the bar high for the rest to follow. The women's quad of Joanna Way, Buzz Borneman, India Herrington and Agnes Brooke were close in second place. However, with three runs making up the weekend’s racing it is not all about flat out speed and consistency comes into play. Therefore a special mention must go to Joe Cox and the women's quad of Phoebe Kibble, Hester Mugford, Scarlett Culshaw and Martha Warren-Barrett, who produced identical times on all their time trails.

Once the Sixth Form had finished it was time for the Fifth Form to come down to the river and complete two runs. The girls were racing in some new double combinations, which meant for some tight racing amongst them. The double of Hanna Neill and Jess West proved to be the fastest in the first round with a time of 5:00.0. They also proved to be the most consistent double producing the exact same time on the next run. Celia Leavesley and Eliana Covell finished in second place and Imy Woodcock and Katie Battersby finished third. In the second run Covell and Leavesley came back fighting to go 9 seconds faster and win the second time trail. Oli Stuart and Ed Fillingham also had some close racing with only 5 seconds between them throughout the afternoon.


It has been great to have OC and current Hampshire County Player Felix Organ come in over the last couple of weeks to help out with some winter cricket sessions. It has been a great insight for the cricketers in seeing and learning how to prepare for practice as well as having the chance to test their skills against someone playing at a very high level.


Tennis has seen the girls focus this week on doubles. In particular the positioning in which you stand to cover angles, where to move at certain times, and to keep moving forward on the volley. The girls had a good week and really got to grips with the court positioning and how much of a difference it makes in points. I was really impressed with how they took in all of the knowledge. This week matches were a mixture of singles and doubles across the box leagues on Saturday. A close match between the Juliette Quick and Rosie Parkin, both trying to out manoeuvre each other well - Juliette currently tops the leader board by number of matches won. The rest were locked in doubles battles and from the coaching perspective, I was really pleased to see all the girls buying in to the court positioning and that moment of “Miss this does make sense” is always good to hear.

Next week we have bake off, more net play and the last week of the box leagues.

Christmas Sports Quiz

Test your sporting knowledge (and probably the ability to use Google!) by taking part in our Christmas Sports Quiz below. 20 Christmas themed sports questions with a prize for the first person in each year group (Shells, 4th, 5th, L6 and U6) to send the correct answers to Miss Collett (rac@canford.com).

Canford Christmas Sports Quiz 2020

  1. Which Fly-Half, born on Christmas Day, made his one and only capped appearance for England Rugby Union on tour away versus Argentina in 1997?
  2. Which England Football manager was famous for his use of the “Christmas Tree” formation?
  3. Which “Hollie” scored the winning penalty for the GB Women’s to win gold in Rio in 2016?
  4. Traditionally taking place on Boxing Day on which racecourse is the King George VI Chase run?
  5. For which premiership side did Andy “Carroll” make his professional debut in 2016?
  6. Which female Darts player became the first to win a game at the PDC World championships over Christmas 2019?
  7. Born on Christmas Day 1984 who became England Men’s most capped Test cricket player in 2016?
  8. Which manager was sacked by Chelsea just after enjoying Christmas dinner with the team?
  9. Which ground traditionally hosts the Australian Boxing Day Test Match?
  10. Which “Christmas named” female 400m runner won bronze behind Cathy Freeman in Sydney 2000?
  11. Winner of the silver medal in both the Men’s 100m and 200m at the London Olympics, which Jamaican sprinter was born on Boxing Day 1989?
  12. Former USA Solheim Cup Golfer Kelly “Robbins” won how many major titles?
  13. Which yacht race, widely considered to be one of the most difficult in the World commences in Australia every Boxing Day?
  14. Born on December 26th 1935, which West Indian cricketer succeeded Gary Sobers as captain of their test side?
  15. Which sporting event takes place in Hyde Park each Christmas Day over a course of 100 yards?
  16. Who suffered a severe knee injury on 26th December 1962 ending his playing career but allowing him to pursue a managerial role in football that led to winning the European Cup in both 1979 and 1980?
  17. Name these three “Kings” of Women’s sport 1) US Female Golfer who won 6 major titles? 2) Team GB Equestrian star who won 3 medals at the Olympic games? 3) A Tennis great who won 39 Grand Slam Titles?
  18. What was special about the Chelsea team that took the field against Southampton on 26th December 1999?
  19. Which county cricket team did South African Jaques “Rudolf” play for during the 2016 season?
  20. Which Welsh international footballer, born on Boxing Day 1990, joined Arsenal from Cardiff City in 2008?

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