12 Feb 2021
Easter Term 2021 - Half Term Sports Report

Easter Term 2020 – Half Term Sports Report

Canford Sports Department

The below is obviously a slight departure from the normal Sports Report where we would normally be reporting back on the weekend fixtures against other schools or internal games. Unfortunately, in the current climate these are not taking place and we are really missing the in-person face to face interactions that we would usually have across the various sports and forms of physical exercise. It has however been inspiring to see all the pupils engaging in a variety of activities over this half term particularly in the light of some challenging outdoor weather conditions!

The start of term in particular, was both hectic and interesting as we looked to adapt back to the structures of remote learning. Despite a few early glitches it was great to see engagement levels rise over the half term and hear from both pupils and parents about what was going on at home.

Key highlights for me were seeing the development of some of our younger pupils across the half term’s Athletic Development sessions, which will give them sound foundations for their future sporting endeavours. It was also amazing to see the amount of km’s clocked up across the finish of Canford Round the World, CardioFit, Challenge 21and also from the Netball teams brilliantly led by some of our 6th form girls. Please keep it going over half-term!!! Skills School has been a popular addition to the programme, delivered via Instagram by some of our graduate assistants. Other Live sessions including HIIT and Crossfit have again given pupils the opportunity to work on their physical wellbeing in this tough period. Our sports scholars have also had access to Strength and Conditioning expertise during their own scheduled time periods. Intense competition and high level entertainment was seen virtually both internally and externally against other schools in the Netball Sock Challenge.

It has also been key to keep reminding us all, of the need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. This has been delivered through some of the great messaging going out on Wellbeing Wednesdays and Feel good Fridays via Mrs Clinton, Mrs Bishop and the pupil leaders. To add onto that our #EATtoEXCEL cooking sessions put out via Instagram by Big Cook (Mr.Short) and Little Cook (Mr. Cronin) have hopefully inspired all to re-look at what we are eating and why. This will continue to be an important message when we return after half-term and in moving forwards so that we can all understand the importance of healthy eating, nutrition and hydrating well to help us perform in all areas at school, not just sport.

I must thank the senior management and the sports and support staff for their help in facilitating the programme and putting it in place. I would also like to thank the pupil sports leaders Abby Childerley and Will Whitmore and all the pupils who have been outstanding in their ‘can do’ approach to getting stuck into Canford sport, albeit in a more remote way than usual.

I look forward, glass half full, to the half term and the break ahead. I really hope that we will soon see all Canford pupils back at school and where the pupils can continue exploring the opportunities available, express themselves through their physical activity and look to excel in their sporting endeavours.

Thanks for all your hard work and effort this term so far it has been much appreciated. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again in 13 days time!


Mr. Diprose

Director of Sport and Physical Wellbeing

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