02 Feb 2023
Easter Term 2023 - Sports Report Week 4

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Easter Term 2023 - Week 4 Sports Report

Netball v Clayesmore and SW Regional Finals

SW Regional finals - 1st team

A tough tournament of the best teams in the South West. Two pools of 6 and many matches played to get to this tournament. What a day, this team played above and beyond, as well as staying together as a team and the units. The group games were tough and competitive, and you could never step off the gas, only 14 minute matches mean it is anyone’s game for the taking. Canford found themselves unsurprisingly at the top of their group. This then meant that they were to face Millfield in the semi-final, a win here would take this team to the National Finals. Unfortunately, after a hard-fought battle and going goal for goal Millfield just clinched it by 1 goal. This is never an easy way to end the day and the group responded well to beat Truro College to take home Bronze medals. The team can certainly hold their heads up high, they did Canford and themselves proud, and we couldn’t have asked for any better.

Squad: Daisy Brown ©, Lauren Corn ©, Daisy Askew, Bella Rose, Charlotte Howat, Mia White, Georgie Boon, Honoré Cutler, Dom Hudson and Esther Browning.

2nds v Clayesmore1sts

It was a challenging start to the match, with the opposition leading 3-8 in the first quarter. However, after varying our playing strategies, we managed to make a comeback in the second quarter and lead 12-11. In the opposition’s attacking third, there were many displays of excellent defensive work in the D, which resulted in lots of forced errors from Clayesmore. After regaining possession, Canford midcourt worked seamlessly to pass the ball from one end of the court to the other. Once in our end third, our agile attacking players drove forwards for the ball and quickly passed around D, and to the shooters. In the third quarter we managed to maintain our lead. Our defence continued to make some amazing interceptions, and together we effectively delivered the ball into our D to accumulate more goals. Towards the end of the match, Clayesmore advanced their score as their defence worked cohesively to regain possession and pass the ball to their attacking players. However, Canford successfully held their lead, with the final score of the match being 28-27. Player of the match went to Bella Rose (GA) for her amazing attacking play and shooting.

3rds vs Clayesmore 2nds

A tight encounter, level all throughout the first three quarters. We scored, they scored, a tense tit for tat. 15-15 at the end of the third quarter.

Clayesmore were working hard, running much more than us to free themselves. We did not use the width of the court very well and this is something we need to work on between C and WA. We flicked a lot of their balls into touch; this broke their rhythm but still gave them possession, side like throws. Last quarter was decisive, Clayesmore went ahead by 2, 15-17, our GS and GA worked much better together, with one holding position neither of them cramming each other space . Our defence noticed their GS was running way out of the circle. Melissa (GK)did an excellent job blocking her on her way back in, ditto with Poppy (GD) and their GA. Clayesmore struggled to get past our defence. Blocking their attacks allowed us to counterattack, drive the ball into our attacking third, and give rolling opportunities to our shooters. They scored to level up and win by 5 in the end.

Great team spirit, great support and our first win of the season!


The Fourths had an excellent match from the very beginning. Though we explored all areas of the court, our quick movement of the ball up the court and strong defensive pressure meant we spent most of the time in the D. Imi and Erin’s brilliant shots put us into the lead very early on, and Chloë and Daisy added to the score later with some more superb goals. By communicating and expressing, Tiva, Clem, Lucy, Ruby and Noa controlled the middle court and the movement of the ball from one end to the other making sure we had as many opportunities for shots as we could and Allegra, Alice and Lara really excelled in defence with some stunning interceptions. We showed purposeful engagement with the game even when subbed, and humble ambition throughout. Immune also led the team with gracious leadership. Special congrats to Allegra, who got player of the match for her awesome GK skills.


We got off to a good start after we managed to find our rhythm and slowed down and worked well as a team. There were some excellent swings from Jorgia Holtby and Lara Edsall which managed to help the shooters make space in the D.

The shooters Bee Andrews, Elodie Stacey and Lara Crorie worked well in the D and our shooting improved as the match went on. Sophie De Vuelle did well as WD and stepped outside her comfort zone to give Lara Edsall a break as Centre. There were some very good interceptions from our defenders with Hattie Jinks and Evie Liddell managing to keep the ball away from Clayesmore. Ntemi Ngwenya played GK and managed defend well especially with such good shooters from Clayesmore and as the birthday girl! We were quite evenly matched during this game and at half time it felt as if Clayesmore might be able to pull it back, but our defence stepped up and Liv Joll our GD was exceptional against one of the key opposition players so that she could barely touch the ball. It was a close game, and I was very proud of everyone for their excellent game play and felt the team worked very well together.

We ended the match with 21-16 and were very happy to have won. Lara Crorie was player of the match and we had a lovely three cheers after an enjoyable game.

Written by Lara Crorie


The U16Cs played as a real team on Thursday. They put their training into match play and made some great decisions on the court. Millie was excellent as a center and helped drive the ball to the D where Lottie Heyman and Cara made some excellent shots. We were winning throughout and 34 Shots later the girls were on a role. We decided to change positions around and all the girls stepped up and performed in positions which were unfamiliar to them, we were especially impressed by Hanna Jeffery’s shooting! I am really impressed by the girls and I look forward to seeing them grow as a team. Well done to Lottie Heyman who was voted player of the match, it was well deserved.

U15B v Clayesmore U15A

Pressure was on as the U15Bs had the challenge of facing Clayesmore U15As. We started off strongly, Canford went 11-9 up at half time thanks to smooth passes between Ellie and Ella, amazing shots by Poppy and Rose and some solid defending from Emily K, Gigi and Hannah.

Rose and Poppy stayed on shooting fabulous goals as Emily VS and Penny fed them some helpful and strong passes which allowed them to be in a good position to shoot. Great interceptions by Tess and Tilly. Overall the team was in control and played to their strengths. Players of the match: Penny and Gigi and in the end Canford won 23-18.

Match report written by Penny and Poppy


Despite a 25-8 defeat, there were some promising passages of play from the U15Cs, particularly with moving around the D in the attacking third. Zion and Martha were voted as opponent’s players and deservedly so.


In the first quarter we were losing 3-6 as Clayesmore started off strongly. In the second quarter the goal difference widened to 5-10. In the 3rd quarter the gap got less leaving it 11-14 and good communication and holding space was made by GA and GS to close the gap in the 4th quarter to drawing 17-17. In the final quarter we kept fighting for every ball possible. Good long distance goals were scored by GA and good interceptions were made by GK to put pressure on Clayesmore and force them mistakes. Overall, we played well as a group.

Written by Josie Carswell


A well-played game against Clayesmore on Thursday. At the end of the third quarter, we were level with 7 all. Millie played fantastically as Centre and seemed to be everywhere at once! We are beginning to settle into our roles within the team and are particularly proud of our performance given we played the Clayesmore B team. Well done to Alice and Annie who got players of the match! It's exciting to be part of the future with this team. Final score 14-7 L

Written by Polina

Hockey v Clayesmore and U14 County Finals

U14 County Finals

Canford 0, Clayesmore 0

Canford 2, Sherborne 0

Sherborne 1, Clayesmore 1

In three tightly contested games to decide the county championships, Canford managed to come out on top and go through into the regional tournament ranked number one in Dorset.

After two weeks of frantic hockey training and two tough fixtures, the team is beginning to come together and fulfill its potential. In the opening game today against Clayesmore both sides had plenty of possession and the ball was evenly shared between both halves of the pitch. We built attacking opportunities which resulted in several shots on goal, none of which were converted. In defence we packed at least 9 players behind the ball trying to ensure that we did not give away any opportunity to shoot at our goal. The games were 20 minutes one way, so any slip-up could have been very costly.

In the second game against Sherborne, we scored after five minutes and then sat back letting them have to work hard to build momentum and put us under pressure. Five minutes later we broke through again with the ball, and we scored a second goal. Our passing was far more clinical and as the game went on and our confidence grew, the shape of our play developed further.

Well done to all.

Following the Tuesday U14 County finals last week saw a block fixture versus Clayesmore, prior to the exeat.

1st XI

We travelled to Clayesmore to play on their newly laid surface, keen to avenge the disappointment of last year’s defeat and reset the balance. We started quickly and created opportunities from the off, making the pitch as big as possible and stretching them in attack. Our corner conversion was fantastic, with three of our six attempts successfully converted, to give us a 3-0 lead which aside from a smart reaction save from Tom Barrett in goal, Clayesmore never looked like denting. Dill Howell was class throughout, in both his reading of the game and passing range, as well as scoring a brace of corners. Ant Leung linked up the play well and Leo Vorobyev also added to his tally for the season, to secure a 3-0 win. Some ill discipline led to a couple of green cards at the very end of the match, and we will need to be better in this regard as we move forward in the season. A very competent and professional display, however, and much to be pleased with. (MDC)

2nd XI

Heading into the third game of the season, hoping to keep unbeaten record going, we faced Clayesmore away in the graveyard shift. A cold dark one for sure. We both started well, and it was an end-to-end game. Both keepers making unbelievable saves. Eventually after half time we managed to get passed the defence of the Clayesmore GK to put us in the lead. Unfortunately, this wasn't to be repeated as the Clayesmore goalkeeper played a blinder and just kept denying everything we threw at him. A small mistake from us lead to a quick counter and Clayesmore's one shot of the game gave them a goal and ultimately ended our game in a 1-1 draw. Player of the match; Adam Driver. (RHJH/AGF)

3rd XI v Clayesmore

W 4-0

It was clear from the outset that Canford were the stronger team, but the Clayesmore goalkeeper was certainly impressive and kept us out for the first 15 minutes. The stalemate was broken by a well taken opportunity by Sam Webb followed by a beautifully worked passing move at the end of which Jake Stewart slotted the ball home. The goal of the day came towards the later stages of the half when William Vessey broke through and powered home a shot from a very tight angle on the reverse stick. Canford passed more dynamically in the second half, missing a hat full of opportunities before Jake once more struck gold with an unstoppable hit to the corner of the goal. All in all it was a very fine performance with Woody Woods and Ross Jemmett particularly influential across the midfield. Well done on the first victory of the season. (RMBS)

4th XI

W 5-0

4 goals for Tom Fox-Pitt and 1 for Will Allen

A fine effort from the 4th team in what proved to be a very convincing win by the final whistle. Clayesmore came out fighting at the start of the second half, but a turnover ball in the midfield was quickly passed to Tom F-P, positioned at the top of the D, and lead to his third of four goals. Sam Askew had an improved game on the right wing using the space behind the defence well. Tom Windsor and Will Allen linked up well to secure the midfield possession. At the back, James Dornan and Murry Carswell both had strong games defusing any threat that came their way. Well done the fourth team for their first win of the season. (CHJ)


Canford walked away with a disappointing draw that we should have won against the local rivals. Canford started off very strongly and spent the first ten minutes of the in their half which led to attacks with great numbers. Canford got the ball into the D and after some scrappy swiping Bertie Cutler managed to keep his composure and slotted it into the bottom corner. Clayesmore came back with their tails up and managed to find a foot in our D after a swift counter-attack. The ball managed to find the net after a clever set piece move. The battle was fought evenly for the next 5 minutes but Canford managed to escape the pressure through a break provided by a lovely ball from Gabe Davey. The strikers were denied by a strong save by the opposing keeper. Our high pressure in their 23 led to neat steal and finish from James Law who fired it into the backboard. However, after the goal Canford let their guard down and Clayesmore’s striker managed to find a way through the ever-solid George Fullman. The teams went into half time 2 goals a-piece. We started the second half weaker than the strong Clayesmore outfit. Emotions were high and the pressure was now on for both teams. The last 15 minutes were dominated by Canford and after many valiant attempts on goal Canford couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. Canford finished the game exasperated and not too happy with the result but nonetheless it was great game for all the play in. We certainly have some areas to work on before the strong King’s Taunton. Man of the match Bertie Cutler. (Raffie Organ)


The U15Bs put in a commanding display against a determined opposition. Clayesmore defended desperately and their goalkeeper played exceptionally well to make what seemed like hundreds of saves. Nevertheless the pressure told and Isaac Freeman opened his account with a very neat finish. The second half produced more dominance and we managed to fire 3 more goals past a near superhuman goalkeeper. A 4-0 nil win and on to Taunton on Saturday. (JEA)


W 1-0

In our second encounter with Clayesmore in less than a week we had another closely contested game. We were on top in the first half, with significant territorial advantage and some excellent phases of play. We put considerable pressure on their goal and managed to score after fifteen minutes. The second half saw Clayesmore come back at us with renewed vigour, but we held them off. Our basic passing and ball control skills have improved considerably since week one but there is a long way to go before we have the consistency needed to take on the tough sides we face after half-term. The team has an excellent attitude to training so I am sure all players will continue to improve. (NRB)


A midweek match vs Clayesmore before an exeat weekend was going to be a tough game with plenty of the boys tired after a very busy few weeks. However as ever with this team they brought all the energy and didn’t let the side down. With a full bench we started with George Chetwood taking on the rainbow armband of captaincy. Kit Bulstrode-Newman started in goal to give him some extra game time and he had a great first half with some good saves. He only let in 1 goal which is all that Clayesmore were able to get over the line as Luke Puzas finished the second half with a clean sheet. The training drills that the team has done on Monday with Mr Douglas paid off and they scored 4 goals in total with one a piece for Ethan Crorie, Warren Iyamu, Archie Brown and Seb Chapman. Tom Hakes had another cracking match with some excellently timed passes and support of the attack. It was great to have Hector Chissell and Teddy McSheehy making a cameo appearance from the C team and they made a very valuable contribution to the match. Overall the game ended 4-1 with George Chetwood being given player of the match by the opposition.

This week sees the 1st XI playing Dean Close in the Tier 1 league, before a block fixture against King’s Taunton on Saturday.

Football v Clayesmore

Canford 3-0 Clayesmore

Goals: Wittram (3)

After a couple of cancelled fixtures, it was great to see the Oaks get their first run out of the Easter term against Clayesmore. The boys started well, dominating the ball in the early exchanges. The pressing forward line of Wittram, Kwan and Fountain caused some issues to the Clayesmore back line, not giving them a second to think on the ball. Then, if the first line failed, Merrell and Martin were there to sweep up. Clayesmore started to target our right hand side early, but Symes stood firm on his debut.

Canford opened the scoring half way through the first half. The move started in the Canford half, with Raymond stepping into midfield, before the ball arrived on the opposition box. A lovely pass from Ransom-Esposti laid Wittram through and his shot was deflected into the back of the net. We almost doubled our lead as Fountain attempted the spectacular, but the ball sailed wide. However, Wittram did make it 2-0 later in the half, burying his effort into the bottom left hand corner.

Despite going in 2-0 up the boys knew that they could step it up even further. Improving ball speed was the aim of the second half. They did that well, for periods, with Bolland and Lockyer even stepping in on regular occasions to link the play. Canford’s third goal came from the spot. Wittram was absolutely clattered by a Clayesmore defender, and he stepped up to score the penalty, sealing the game and his hat trick.

A good result, but the challenge for the boys is now to raise the level again. This performance was a good starting point and the boys need to build on this for the upcoming fixtures against Taunton and Bryanston. Wittram came close but, player of the match was Ran Raymond for his superb performance at left back, it was great to see his confidence grow through the game.

Elsewhere in the football program, Oscar Lineker-Bennett was Overall Player of the Week, with Thomas Sparkhall and Ollie Glen getting Player of the Week for their respective teams.

Running / X-Country at Sherborne Girls

The cold wet weather struck once again this week as the Milton Abbey race on Tuesday was postponed to later in the term. A much anticipated event with a fabulous course and glorious views, we were glad to hear it was not cancelled entirely. Instead on Tuesday the running squad chose to take on the Castleman Trailway and clocked up some decent miles, with Jemima and Abi staying on late to make it to 10km. Noah demonstrated great grit on his first outing with the running squad and could look to represent Canford well at the next race meet.

On Thursday runners travelled to Sherborne Girls for their relay event. Canford entered 3 teams (senior girls and two inter boys) with each team made up of 4 pupils. With Tito struck with illness, Tom C stood up to the plate to run two legs of the relay in out ‘A’ team. A 2.4km course meandering through the sports pitches and local paths, the course was reported to be treacherously slippery in sections by the first leg runners. Our pupils can be immensely proud of their efforts and they all put in a great shift over the relatively short course.

Senior Girls:

Ellie 13m30

Bella 11m37

Jemima 10m03

Abi 9m55

Inter boys ‘A’ team:

Tom 8m31

Alex 9m27

Santi 9m21

‘Tito’ 8m50

Inter boys ‘B’ team:

Henry 10m04

Arthur 11m36

Adrian 10m30

Sam 10m52

In the prize giving ceremony, Tom received a 3rd place medal for the 3rd fastest lap in his age category and would have been 2nd in the seniors category. This was a really tight competition and our Inter ‘A’ team and Senior girls teams narrowly missed out on podium by 10-20 seconds on their overall team time. Standout moments included watching Arthur finish his leg of the relay at Mach 10, he flew down the hill to pass on to Adrian at the start/finish line and Henry paced his leg to perfection to start the Inter boys ‘B’ team off so strongly.

Squash v Bryanston

Final Result: Bryanston 10 - Canford 1

Dylan lost to Ethan Bikhazi-Green: 2/3
Rayaan beat Tom Clark: 3/0
Casper beat Louis Potts: 3/1
Maxim beat Hugo Pollard: 3/0
Ben beat Toby Durham: 3/0
Toby beat Satch Thurston: 3/0
Matteo beat Toby Durham: 3/0
Rocco beat Louis Potts: 3/1
Alice beat Satch Thurston: 3/0
Edie beat Charlotte Roberts: 3/0
Iona beat Molly Hindell: 3/0

Due to illness and injury we took a smaller group to Bryanston, but it gave a number of players the chance for two matches across the afternoon. Always a tough fixture, especially for our lower seeds, who are still very new to the game, but every match was played in good spirits and plenty to take away and improve on for the return fixture later in the term. Our top order put in some solid performances, but Bryanston were just that more clinical in those crucial moment. A nod goes to Louis Potts who put in a great effort, chasing every ball down and taking it to four games in both his matches.

Player of the day has to go to captain Ethan. Losing the opening two games and looking down and out, he really dug in, changed his strategy and improved his accuracy across all four corners. It was a marathon in the final game, but Ethan's had the edge on fitness and took it 14-12!


Both the U18 and U16 boys got a chance to test their progress so far this term with a hit out of competitive 7s training with Bryanston last Thursday. It was a good physical test, Bryanston have clearly spent some time working on their overall conditioning, and provided a stiffer challenge than in previous years. It was a good exercise to reveal where some of our shortcomings still lie ahead of a testing group in this weekend’s South Coast 7s at Portsmouth Grammar.

The U16s fared well against their counterparts from up the road with Jasper Bowley the standout performer. They get another go to compete at Clifton College this Sunday against Clifton, Cheltenham College and QEH.

The U15s 15-a-side National Cup Quarter Final preparation ramps up significantly with a session this Wednesday against Bath Academy’s Wareham DPP group. It’ll be a great opportunity to get in some 1st phase attack and defensive work as a whole team against what should be strong opponents. Excellent preparation for next week’s quarter final away at KCS Wimbledon.


Another strong weekend for Canford swimmers at the Dorset County Championships. Upper Sixth pupil and GB International Robbie Hemmings took home 2 more golds and a silver. On the girls’ side Fourth Former Freya Coupe ended with one gold and three silvers and Shell Ruby Hindell also took home a bronze.


The pupils have really enjoyed getting out onto the course for the first time this term. It has definitely been a challenge with all sorts of weather issues and I cannot remember such a long period of time when the course has been closed. Hopefully now, with longer days, many of the pupils will start to enjoy the course much more.

Please make your best effort to get a portable mat if you play; either from the Sports Centre or from GRS.

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